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7 errant UI features in IE9

IE9 has some really cool tech upgrades .Here are a few errant UI features that makes IE9 less than perfect. It almost gives the impression that the UI engineers did not do a stellar job. or IE9 UI is a half baked cake.

cssh, PuTTYCS - keyboard replicators for clustered administration

If you administer a bunch of identical Linux boxes, and have to run same commands on all of them, say like manual deployments, restarts etc. – you probably log in to each of them manually and run commands. Or at best you would have a script looping through them and executing an ssh on each. However there are times when you need to be interactive on each box, yet run the same and/or series of commands. In those cases, cssh on Unix (with X) and PuTTYCS on windows are a godsend for any administrator.

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Violence in Hyderabad

  ‘Million March' turns violent in Hyderabad Why is this happening to us? We used to pride ourselves for hosting ravindranath tagore (never thinking he is not from our state/region). We put *Cotton Dora*'s idol in our land (never considering he is not even from our country). Such were we, that MK Gandhi praised our patriotism and hospitality. It is a shame some of the most educated are have a positive side to this story. Supporting these acts of immaturity and haste in the name of a Greater cause, is disrespecting the genuine-ty of that demand, belittling the cause.  There was time when we did things differently. A different leadership, and people who really followed them religiously. The Video is a reflection of what we achieved, and how we achieved- A path is respected by the world and the humanity. The students who lost their lives never would have done it, if it were under the same path.  The people DO deserve thier voice to be heard. But they DONOT have a right

Windows: acting weird, wakes up spuriously?

When you suspend Windows, you expect it to live in the slumber. And only act when you command it to wake up. However, Sometimes, Windows wakes up, apparently for various reasons. And it wont tell you why, like most other things it wont tell. But if you are wearing one of those investigator hats today, get to the bottom of it. Using Windows Event Viewer. To fire up Event Viewer, available in Control Panel > Administrative tools. You can apply filters to the events displayed, by using the controls on the right. You could use Event Sources (look for power*, for spurious wake ups), and/or keywords. Or you could manually go through all of the logs.