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Solved - Eclipse looks good in Ubuntu Now!

This is a follow up post that solved an issue I had. This post will also illustrate how to run a GTK application on a different theme
Recently I posted that Eclipse on Ubuntu is the Ugly Betty. I was looking for a Theme that would make it look better(and a way to use it only for eclipse).

A digg commentor suggested that I get Clearlooks Compact Theme.
Another commentor (Victor Ott) suggested that I install a plugin That will save some screen real estate. I tried both. While the plugin is good, It makes eclipsel lose its easthetics. I then saw this post. So I improvised a little more.. Mixed all the ideas.

First get the Libertarian fonts, as described in max's post. (They are really good indeed, I even made them my gnome defaults).
Then, Download this archive and extract in the eclipse directory. And "chmod 755 ec" . Thats it! run ec instead of eclipse.

What this does:
The gtkrc-sar is a theme rc for GTK engine. Think of it as a CSS in HTML page, to GTK application.
ec …

Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex: A week to go

O so long, I have been waiting. With hopes that Intrepid will solve my sound issue out of box (I could have checked in live CD but it can wait), I am counting this week down for the next release of Ubuntu. This is not a major release but you could have seen a lot of beta (p)reviews if you follow digg enough.
What I am looking for:

Latest Gnome,, Kernel (Solve My audio issues.. )
Encrypted FS Mounts(Protect my Data)
Networking improvements (Bluetooth, Network Manager[ndiswrapper - would be needed futher?])
DKMS (interesting feature, eh?)
Flash (My web cam issue)

Today: Consumer JRE released, Andriod open sourced!

Big news, Android - the collaborative effort from Openhandset Alliance and Google to take mobiles to the next level - has been open sourced today. The code, 2Gigs in total size, is now available to anyone interested in its research and/or development.

In another story, Sun meekly released Java 1.6.0_10 (dubbed - Consumer JRE) available to download. There is no confetti this time, I guess the management is all the more concerned with its share value. Hopefully, it will reduce the stress on the java *user* world. Change is good :)

Flash in Ubuntu: WebCam doesnot work : Camera is unavailable

Yet another day looking for a solution to an issue in ubuntu. but I am loving it :)

I am trying to get my webcam work with or in ubuntu. For some reason adobe flash is unable to open my web cam. It shows up a modal dialog box: "Camera is unavailable, may be in use by another application" Results from video test on Skype, on the other hand, is positive on my system. So My webcam is not the issue here. Also the tabs in the options are not focusable. I mean I click on them, NOTHING happens.

There was a bug raised in Adobe Support forums. I posted back, if you know a solution let me know.

System : Lenovo Y410
Browser: Firefox 3.0
Flash: 10 downloaded from

Why Firefox 3.1 can wait

The FOSS community is rejoicing another release of FF - 3.1beta. Mozilla released FF3.1beta on tuesday. I was one of those beta-ers last time around during FF3 release. I even did countdown to the release. I even got my own download certificate :). However, I don't want to eager myself to it this time. Here is why its different this time.

Firstly, its not a major release, meaning nothing changed BIG! If at all, The only thing that will get me motivated is the CTRL+Tab feature. But my existing Tab-Mix Plus plugin gives a tab list that is adequate. A 3D preview is nice to have but not so much to hurry to.

All the goodies are unused, The geocoding, Video, Audio, HTML5 and CSS3 support have nothing to offer until there are some REAL websites that start utilizing them. Especially the Geocoding, As much as it sounds cool, until it becomes a standard - it would be another browser specific dumb-a$$-nerdy feature I would refrain myself as a webmaster. The others follow the same rationale…

Eclipse in Ubuntu Human Theme

By now, many people are done making a switch to ubuntu. Fallen in love with it and oogled on Compiz and its sooper dooper Cube (Okay, you might have even gone farther.. awn, conky..). However, You might still be dependent on Windoze for some applications. Among other things, Development is one such. I have created everything on my site and on this blog in Gimp and Eclipse. Needless to say Eclipse is my favorite IDE.

So, I have had my share of issues in the past on my ubuntu. But now, I am hell bent on going full time on it. I have a lenovo Y410. It maxes out on 1280x800 resolution. I should say an experienced developer would clearly have issues with such *low* resolution. To make it worse, it appeared eclipse on linux was not built with this configuration in mind. A screenshot looks like this.


Apparently a large portion of the real estate is taken up by spacing in the toolbar icons, height of the tab, spacing in the tree etc. (my windoze eclipse is okay). The fonts, colors, and spa…

classpath*: making your Modular Spring Resources

Spring gives multiple options to load XML resources for building contexts. the reference documentation does explain this feature quite well. However, I am taking my shot at explaining the different practical scenarios ( by order of growing modularisation)

For Example, A simplest Spring based web Context Loader can be configured with resources like this
<context-param> <param-name>contextConfigLocation</param-name> <param-value>applicationContext.xml</param-value> </context-param> <listener> <listener-class>org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoaderListener</listener-class> </listener>
You just need to put applicationContext.xml in WEB-INF/ folder of your webapp.

However, Typically an application is n-tiered. You can also have multiple files setup and in relative paths.
<param-value> context-files/applicationContext.xml context-files/dao.xml context-files/service.xml </param-value>
put them …

Javascript RegEx missing group feature

I was looking for examples in Javascript to get grouped regular expressions into an array. Say a time string which I am collecting hour, min, and sec with a regular expression. I could do it in perl in a easy way, Something like this:
$_ = "10:23:25" if (/(..):(..):(..)/) { @t = ($1, $2, $3); } But in javascript looks like there is no such way. the only way you could collect that is using the String.replace() and running the RE on it. Something like this.
str = "10:23:25" re = /(..):(..):(..)/ hr = str.replace(re,"$1"); min = str.replace(re,"$2"); sec = str.replace(re,"$3"); t = new Array(hr, min, sec); If you know of some other way, let me know :)