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v6.1 : SarathOnline live on java, now with Dynamic resources.

Fresh out of the oven, The new site is running on Java. The v6 version released in private had been trimmed down to remove extract bloat. One of the major changes in this version is serving images and jscss (with stiching) , not from the filesystem, but the Datastore. So the file content is a stored in BigTable. So It can be updated without having to redeploy the whole application. Having to deploy a whole application is one inertia causing aspect in a appengine app development. With Dynamic resource serving, this inertia is completely eliminated. Ofcourse, this will mean the site MAY slow down. The stats will be monitored over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully it won't be that bad. Fingers crossed.

Starred in Priority Inbox.

The new priority Inbox in Gmail is awesome for a GTD-er. However there's a small feature that is a little confusing. Assuming the three sections, Important and unread, Important and Starred are enabled. When an important mail is received, it goes in two Important and Unread. Then let the case be that the mail in question (The Mail, from here on) is worth a Star. It gets Starred. In due course, more mail comes in - Important ones. *The Mail* is now buried under. This is where its confusing. One thought begs to assume that The Mail is now shown in Starred section. But no. It is down the pile of Important mail. And NOT shown in Starred. Is that desirable? Not really? or is it?

When Facebook goes down..

here is what happens on twitter.. @antderosa: Zuck isn't turning Facebook back on unless he gets final edit on The Social Network @emilcardell: You know your a geek if you think that it is worse that #github is down then #facebook @sargenthouse Facebook is down, you know what that means right? NO POKING. @opb: BREAKING NEWS: Facebook is down. Worker productivity rises. U.S. climbs out of recession. @sacca: When Facebook goes down, everyone comes to Twitter to talk about it. When Twitter goes down, the world falls mute. @jlnd: Don't worry, if Facebook doesn't come back you can retrieve all your private data from any of the companies they sold it to. @LouBrutus: DNS FAILURE: Facebook is down which means 9 months from today, many children will born. @irockiroll the day has finally come. cloverfield ate facebook @willmckinley: First they cut Facebook. Then Social Security. Then Medicare. @kris10turner OMG I just paid my cable bill thinking that's why my

Firefox 4.0b6 context menu, likely has a bug.

Apparently, the recent long firefox context menu bug posted a few days ago, is not a niche bug after all. This looks like a consistent bug that happens to me on Windows XP. The Context menu is supposed to change with *context* invoked on. Looks like the logic around making it intelligent, is kind of buggy. I was able to reproduce the long menu bug on other websites, at random. However, one thing I was able to consistently reporduce is the inablilty to get context menu for text selection. See the difference in the menu. Firefox 3.6 Firefox 4.0b6

Happy Vinayaka Chavithi

May Lord Ganesha bestow peace, prosperity and happiness to you and your family.

Firefox Longest context menu

Obviously, this is just a bug. It happened only once. Not reproducible. Running Firefox 4.05 beta. On Windows XP. With Firefox 4, Canvas, Video Audio etc are all baked in. The list looks like the menu options are the exaustive options of all features on.The page however, upon refresh, does not show the same context menu. Click the Image to enlarge.

MySQL > java.sql.SQLException: Error writing file '/tmp/MY1kynpA' (Errcode: 28)

Recently, a heavy burst of traffic into our production webservice caused this error. As with all Mysql errors, this shows little information. Like any sane person would think, we checked if the filesystem was full. We found the /tmp has 98% free space. Permissions are all fine. No locks on table. Increasing /tmp partition - NoGo. Just crazy error message. However, the issue was beating us time and again. It took us a couple of days and we realized the cause was a select query. The query was fetching from a table of about 2 million records. Although it was fetching a limited subset, the column in the order by had no index. This was causing mysql to load records into pagefile in tmp for sorting, apparently. Created the index on the sort column seemed to have solved the problem. We also augmented it with the following options in my.cfg sort_buffer_size=2M table_cache=1800 thread_cache_size=384 tmp_table_size=64M

Chrome Side tabs or Firefox Panorama?

Firefox Panorama has a unique way of organizing tabs into groups so that you can work with a loot of tabs (really lot of them). While the Side Tabs experiment is totally disjunct concept, The effective use of screen real estate is key measure in both. With just screen real estate , its still Panorama that wins the battle. Side Tabs seems turned out to be a sore experiment. For one thing, it may be designed only for netbooks. There are other considerations for developers perspective. Many a time, the height is considered variable. The width, however is counted to be under standard 800, 1024, 1600 etc, those of the video resolutions. Many fixed layouts are drafted to work on these width numbers. Free flows however do not have this issue. Now, having Side tabs in picture, it creates two sets of fixed layouts to work with. Firefox Panorama not only tackles width issue in question, also provides a organising benefit. So Which one is it? Most probably Chrome will eventually mimic Pan

java turorials: Learn everything Java basic to enterprise

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