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Ubuntu Broken Upgrade, Lost GUI, /dev/null: Permission denied

I am toying with Karmic's alpha releases. So, in comes a new partial upgrade rolled out and I chose to get it. At the end of the upgrade, I had a rare - stuck linux - situation. So I hard rebooted; Only to find that the system now restarts to a GDM that is broken. It gets to a blank screen with a *loading* mouse icon. I was contemplating a complete redo(download the daily build for karmic and install it). However, I thought its worth troubleshooting. So on that blank GDM screen, I pressed Ctrl+Alt+F2 to open a tty. When I logged in, I got a lot of /dev/null: Permission denied Apparently, My upgrade dint finish well. First thing that came to my mind is to reconfigure the whole setup. sudo dpkg --configure -a But I was getting the same errors /dev/null: Permission denied . Pretty much everything I did got me to the same error. I rebooted to my Jaunty install. A quick search showed me how I could install this all important /dev/null . All you have to do was to remove and re

Sleepless with Windows updates

I dont (DONT) run windows. I have Jaunty installed on my wife's new Dell 1545. My old desktop, which I rarely use has windows XP. On the 1545, I installed a vista guest operating system on virtual box . (I am still loyal to linux, I need windoooze to access vpn at one consulting op). So I am there. But last night was awefule' at its best. I am not sure if I got on the wagon late, but the vista took a whooping 4 hours updating a lot of stuff. This included IE8 update, SP2 update (and all of the regular crap), restarting after each one of them. Involving a user input too, so I cant just sleep. After the whole thing I got a 8GB *bulge* on the partition it was installed. To put that in a perspective - A clean vista install takes 6.4 - 7GB and installs in 45 mins(approx). All the while, I dont know when and what it is downloading, installing, or phasing (what the heck is stage 1 of 3, anyway - after it says *Installed updates, restart now*). LOOP THIS FOR 4 HRS :D For re

AARP and HeathCare reform

disclaimer: I consult (Enterprise Applications - Software) at AARP. Although, the views expressed here are solely mine and do not represent AARP. I am following the whole health care *issue* moving fluidly from a thought, to a presidential campaign material, to a perceived *can-wait*, to a must-do now, to a political opportunity, and now to a furiously moving going-hot town halls and debates. I can't tell if this effects me much. I don't know completely if the reform is needed. But sure I do realize there is more than just money and politics involved. And People, Mostly, are driven by motives and myths than reality. Here is AARP's stand, clip from O' Reilly factor. Like , AARP's new commitment to this reform is expressed in a new site. . It tries to address some clarity on myths that are going around. Side note: Creative or what?

Write iBatis dynamic query that returns results only when atleast one parameter is sent

iBatis allows building dynamic query conditionally based on properties sent to the named SQL. Suppose We have a Person implementation where the search page allows search by id or by email id (assuming both are unique). We could write two queries <select id="getPersonById" resultClass="Person" > select * from PERSON where ID = #value# </select> <select id="getPersonByManagerId" resultClass="Person" > select * from PERSON where EMAIL_ID = #value# </select> OR we could make a dynamic Query like the following <select id="getPerson" resultClass="Person" parameterClass=""> select * from PERSON <dynamic prepend="where" > <isNotNull parameter="id"> ID = #id# </isNotNull> <isNotNull parameter="managerId"> EMAIL_ID = #emailId# </isNotNull> </dynamic> </select> However there is one pitfall. If the paramete


I am considering I should come back to blogging. Its been a while. Lot of things happened in my life. I lost my beloved father to cancer. I wish he were longer with me. But atleast he got to see my marriage. Yes. I got married. To the love of my life. Well I dropped everything for these two people, I care the most about. Ok. Not completely. In this period, I started learning grails and groovy. Started loving App Engine for java. I upgraded my lenovo to Jaunty. I lost track of blogosphere. I bought a Dell 1545 for my wife. Forcibly turned her to a Ubuntu fan :). Started working on iBatis again :( Moved to Rockville MD. Totally ignored Hollywood (have to catch up on a lot of movies). And much more.. Coming back, let me start with a @#$@#$ on What is going on with all these news aggregation sites. Of the past, Sites have stopped creating content themselves, making a living just out of aggregation. But this is getting worse. They are linking among themselves before going onto the orgin