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Miss You.. Rani..

3 days now, and I still cannot believe this year can be so bad for us. We lost my beloved father just this May. Just were we recovering from the mammoth loss. And suddenly, we find the earth under our feet take a free fall, leaving us all no where. I just reached india, amidst chaos, shock and immense loss. It was around 8:30 on the Wednesday night, I was picking up some holiday shopping. And talking with Jyo about the long weekend. The call came from my brother (Raghu), about the dreadful car accident my brother (Anand), aunt, and little sister (Rani), two of her friends. Rani and her friends succumbed. While Anand and aunt were barely able to survive. Rani is not a typical girl. She was the apple of the eye for every member of the (extended) family. Even her friends. She was studying MBBS II year. She was one girl among 8 boys. She was extremely brilliant, spoke her mind always. She was fun loving and honest at the same time. Most of all, She was the one that put every small thi

Spring Framework 3.0 GA released!

SpringSource announced its GA release today. My personal reasons to "go for it" - REST and Huge improvements in Annotation support. It will be interesting to see how this release is accepted by the community. 2.5.6 seems just yesterday. People (like me) with roots (and lot of existing applications (with issues )) in Spring 2 are just getting their feet wet with migration to 2.5.6 and the magical world of annotation based configuration. Now, I have to calculate ROI on migrating my still-in-development applications (on 2.5.6) to 3.0. ah. I am so in a jinx.

GUI, Usability, Innovation.

This is a continum on my previous two posts; With out deep reference to who invented the mouse (Xerox), the touch screen (PLATO) and the multi touch (not Apple) - Its definitely pigeon holing to name M$ or sJobs for it. Look at 10/GUI's linux multitouch desktop concept. 10/GUI from C. Miller on Vimeo . Science as perceived commonly doesn't belong to a company. Innovation is not limited by a beginning or money. But the sheer market for the FIRST has so much to play against innovation. AT&T and iPhone have limited the market so much for all the possibilities that could have happenned. iPhone's Younger brother iTouch still craves all the deserved attention after 3 generations of it. Its not Apple to blame all of it. The gadget market here is US is so egotistically challenged, they cant see 4G, Video mobile communication witnessed heavily in Far-East. I should mention, SMS (almost free) in India has revolutionised a generation. Reliance CDMA brought a country to a d

Introduction to Cloud for Enterprise

I am back from a big vacation. I found this decent presentation for Cloud Computing from sun. This gives a very basic but good explanation about how cloud benefits Enterprise. The presentation can also be downloaded as a mp4 here src: