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Interested in Vedas?

Are you interested in Vedas? I was just searching for some resources on Vedas and stumbled upon a good site. It also has a lot of resources on various Sacred Texts of various religions and related works. Head Start with Rig Veda Good WIKI Start to Vedas Listen to related information Leave comments in Guestbook


I finally moved out of the Urban Jungle.. Now i am hoping I will get some time off.. take a peace path with nature.. so much that I am just an hour away from Shenandoah Valley, VA. However, I think I a couple of months late. VA would make an awesome place to live in spring. With the cold winds barging through the east coast, this new place is only a little better compared to NY.. Well.. Thats only in weather terms. Friends, Activities and Fun is altogether of a differnt flavour here. I have not completely confident, But I am getting connected to myself. Let see.. Leave comments i n Guestbook

The British divided us and we fought them. Whom do we fight now?

I have read this on one of the placards in the anti-quota protest.. I think it is time we all have to think about this barring our caste feelings.. Do we have enough to let the politicians cripple the system further? Can we afford another 50 years on sub-standard professionals, system? We all know there are other effective ways to social equality. Dont you think? leave out that bias for a moment.. Read more here | Sign here Leave comments in Guestbook

Long time No See

Again.. I am dwelved in this stupid mess of life.. first it was a production release of one of the projects I was working on at work and then some really cool trips around here in the weekends.. so couldnot update much in here.. but whats more.. I am working on a BloggerPro software which will have TAGS.. The plan is to make the whole site dynamic.. with this idea, the site will be regularly updated in many areas at the same time.. may be I will sell it to Blogger ;) .. Leave comments in Guestbook


First Ajax Application of its kind is launched, visit Running now in Beta Mode. You will need to be a registered use this. Signup on the right menu. Enjoy your Stay Leave comments in Guestbook


Time is racing away.. I am keeping so busy these days, this long weekend is like a boon. WOW!! I would probably be working on some development on the site for Notes-On-Web © , My Ajax Application to organise your todo-list on the web... simply put.. todo-list-togo TM , Leave comments in Guestbook

Ajax on...

Ajax is now on my site.. The home page has an Ajax Login.. Check it out.. More to come... Leave comments in Guestbook

New Look..

New look to the home page.. Sms Streamlined.. More picture in personal gallery.. lift to funCenter and devBox.. More links on the homepage.. Check it out.

Ajax Soon to come...

Ajax Soon to come on my Website.. I will have a login mechanism which will be ajax based.. and also a shout mechanism.. I have Plans to implement AJAX for a really useful application.. apart from calendar.. (hint: may b e similar)

updated updates...

Bye Bye to the boring links page come up as soon as you enter this site.. now, I made this dynamic page which will give you more detailed information on what is latest.. Again... Just to make you come back over and over again... ;)