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Speed up Eclipse from a slow workspace

After working on a few Java/JEE projects, your workspace really gets to become fat. I mean, it gets very very slow. This is because you opened and closed a lot of projects with a loooot of resources in it. Also because every time you press that Ctrl+Shift+R, or Ctrl+Shift+O, or Ctrl+T in java or run some free text search, You are loading up eclipse's cache of index. Also JDT slowly keeps a track of it, for Type Hierarchies, Implementations. The easiest way is to open a workspace for every unrelated project. Keep it small. But sometimes, it is not possible. Dependencies. Ease to work with one monolithic workspace (opening and closing projects - yea that's me). For these cases, You could just clean up the .metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.jdt.core folder in your workspace. If you are feeling even lucky, go ahead, clean up .metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.core.resources\.history ... a. a. aa. Wait, That folder, contains all that local history of files you have changed - LOCALLY

re: Map for that.. DriodDoes

I just posted a tease in last afternoon and late in evening SNF game ads has this.. Great.. Now Verizon (and Android - Droid V's first gPhone?) are getting on an offensive.. Seriously.. Simmer this again " Everything iDont " (classic slick Black text on pure white with a drop shadow, Cheesy music running in the background "Its magic.. " : See where it is going?). Snap, fuses out to a powerful Transformers like backdrop with " DROIDDOES ". Yes It does. And this is going into OT! Deep into Festive season.. Am I going to get one? Fingers crossed :)

There is a map for that :P

I am an ATT customer for 5 yrs. but I haven't yet gotten myself an iPhone. All my iPhone friends just cant dig it enough. They keep trying to convince me, in vain. But I love Google Phone and the android philosophy. What is great is they teamed up with T-Mobile; which almost does not have any issue with limiting the capability of that phone (including VOIP apps), unlike AT&T. On the other hand, The Apple and AT&T combine is all over the news with FCC notices and replies . Some of hubdub is getting clearer. Off late AT&T is also considering opening up the (read limited ) iPhone plan. I dont want to flare another hate comment thread here, but, frankly for all the restrictions iPhone and AT&T impose, I feel like being treated as a 3rd Grader. "You can do this, but you cant do that. There.. Stop there". Verizon is coming up with a lot of Android phones this holiday season. Verizon came up with this aptly witty video for poking fun at AT&T and iPhone

Cheating Credit Card Points

The picture is worth 10000 points , yours for free :P (Source:

National Boss Day!

I want to take this day as an opportunity to thank my boss, Stafford Martin , for everything he has done. My career has seen pretty challenging times in the past 9 months. And Stafford's total cooperation, in all that he could do, is simply worth a very good mention. Thank you Stafford. okay.. I am getting back to work now :)

Only dumb enough..

Cheapest USB wireless adapter For Ubuntu

I found this Trendnet 54Mbps 802.11bg Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter. Trying to make my desktop wirefree, I got this. I was doubtful, but works flawlessly in ubuntu. You just plug and play. Supports WPA, WPA-PSK. Microcenter is carrying a special on this one until Nov 1. You can get it for $7 (+tax).