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BSNL slow (again).

One of my ISPs (the all reliable) BSNL is slow again. This time to non indian servers. All indian servers are fast. The CDN balanced Gmail, Yahoo (and are pretty fast. Twitter seemed slow. My servers on east cost (USA), aws boxes (east-1), and infoq dowload site are snail paced. This looks something in the lines od UnderWaterSeaCable cut a few days ago.   Here is my recorded information from is outlined below.   Time IP Download Upload Latency Location Distance 4/26/2010 5:24 PM GMT 1.19 Mb/s 0.64 Mb/s 128 ms Mumbai 400 4/26/2010 5:44 PM GMT 1.68 Mb/s 0.71 Mb/s 92 ms New Delhi 800 4/26/2010 5:53 PM GMT 0.14 Mb/s 0.59 Mb/s 291 ms Bangkok 1500

AppEngine Cold Startups - Rendezvous with Google App Engine Team

I was at Google App Engine IRC Chat today. Following a lot of concerns of others and of my own , I wanted to put forth my ideas to them about cold startups. I tried to promote my ideas of different approach to classloading, osgi, profiling the runtime itself etc. But time was not enough. I will probably talk again next time. For the most part, It looks like Google is almost ready to come up with *reserved instances* approach. But here is what they have to say. (9:59:52 PM) sar4j: This is about cold startups for java. I run my website on appegnine py. But I am a java developer. So I have to get reasonabl undersanding about how gae/j works. To simulate the same performance, I am adding a test.js script to exisitng website. So every time a visit comes to gae/py a hit happens to gae/j. I still see that gae/j is very aggressively spinned down. (given number of requests are the same) is there any algorithm on how and when spinning down happens? ..... (10:04:17 PM) api

Certified Scrum Master

Apr 6, 2010 – I finished my Certified Scrum Master Training. I took the Online test 2 days later. And Now I am officially Certified by Scrum Alliance. (Alright, people – Hire me :)) ScrumAlliance has a unique (rather beatable) way of handling how the authenticity of who is getting certified. They give you a membership ID. You are given a profile page that is public on their site (is this getting a public-private key mechanism. wait a min). You can add your photo and Have the interested parties download your certificate from their site. My profile is available here Download my Certificate here And then the site also has an *Authentic* way of sending mails from their site on my behalf. I choose to *share* my certificate and they simply send the person of interest the following mail. Only problem : The email itself is not showing my certifi