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Interested in Vedas?

Are you interested in Vedas? I was just searching for some resources on Vedas and stumbled upon a good site. It also has a lot of resources on various Sacred Texts of various religions and related works.

Head Start with Rig Veda

Good WIKI Start to Vedas

Listen to related information

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I finally moved out of the Urban Jungle.. Now i am hoping I will get some time off.. take a peace path with nature.. so much that I am just an hour away from Shenandoah Valley, VA. However, I think I a couple of months late. VA would make an awesome place to live in spring. With the cold winds barging through the east coast, this new place is only a little better compared to NY.. Well.. Thats only in weather terms. Friends, Activities and Fun is altogether of a differnt flavour here. I have not completely confident, But I am getting connected to myself. Let see..

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