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C-1, The Electric Bike, coming soon..

Soon the dream of having a futuristic Electric Motor Cycle will become a reality. The Tron-white vehicle, code-named c-1 and manufactured by lit motors, is foretold to be in showrooms by 2014. The all electric motorcycle will have gyroscope that will eliminate the need to put your foot down for balancing. The expected 200 mile range on a 6 Hr charge is not bad for a Electric Motor Cycle. Innovative technology that integrates with your phone and internet, makes it really futuristic. Did I mention glow light tires? Here is a sneak peek

3 reasons to migrate to Disqus commenting platform

Over the last weekend, I evaluated DisQus commenting platform. I saw compelling reasons why Blogger's default commenting is primitive in comparison. Today I am launching DisQus on this blog. Here are 3 most important reasons that made this decision easy.

Eclipse Indigo without mylyn

Eclipse's new release Indigo (3.7) comes pre installed with Mylyn. And unlike previous installations Mylyn is tightly integrated with Eclipse platform package. The "installed features" does not show it as a separate feature to uninstall. It appears as if it cannot be uninstalled at all.

Why Acer a500 ICS update's distribution strategy is a failure

Acer released the Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS, aka 4.0) update on Apr 27th 2012, for its A50x line of tablets. The owners were ecstatic about the news. Nevertheless, the process of deployment for Acer and the installation for the end-users was nothing short of a disastrous saga .