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Showing posts from April, 2009

My Vote for democracy.

This visit to India enabled me to exercise my vote for general elections. Our part of the state has elections in the phase 1. My voter card was promptly delivered to my home. It did have some errors. But I carried my passport to the Voting booth and it all worked out fine. The Voting booth was close to home. I went in around 10:30. Voting was at full capacity at that time. Waiting lines went beyond 1.5 hrs. So I went back around 2PM. In around 30 mins, I finished. For all those people who are Voting in the second phase, Please DO VOTE! JaagoRe !!

On a Break

I havent been able to post in the last month. I am in India for a family concern. I have missed quite a few things in this month. Grails released new version , quickly following Groovy under SpringSource. Google released the much awaited Java support in App Engine My Grandcentral Account pepped to Google Voice Gizmo now communicates to Skype users (okay, I am late, I just noticed) I have a lot to catch up.  My Google reader has 1000+ in every folder :p