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Showing posts from January, 2006

Ajax on...

Ajax is now on my site.. The home page has an Ajax Login.. Check it out.. More to come... Leave comments in Guestbook

New Look..

New look to the home page.. Sms Streamlined.. More picture in personal gallery.. lift to funCenter and devBox.. More links on the homepage.. Check it out.

Ajax Soon to come...

Ajax Soon to come on my Website.. I will have a login mechanism which will be ajax based.. and also a shout mechanism.. I have Plans to implement AJAX for a really useful application.. apart from calendar.. (hint: may b e similar)

updated updates...

Bye Bye to the boring links page come up as soon as you enter this site.. now, I made this dynamic page which will give you more detailed information on what is latest.. Again... Just to make you come back over and over again... ;)