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Create your own Search Engine Provider for FF and IE7+

Search Engine Providers , you know the ones you see on the browser - next to the address bar.These have become more and more popular with new age browsers getting open to user search. Its easy to create your own Provider. A real application for this would be like, say, your own site for search. Or putting all your favorite forums in the search bar. This example uses a Google custom search engine(CSE).   A Google CSE (create your own here ), can be used to include exclude content and show results accordingly. Like all other Google products, a lot of customizations can be done on this. Most of the sites that use Google Site Search can be considered a candidate CSE. Once you have your own CSE, To create a search provider, You will need a place to host one xml file and one HTML file. The xml file is a OpenSearch descriptor. Its like an installation file for your browser. <OpenSearchDescription xmlns=""> <ShortName>SarathOnli

Slowly on the path to normalcy

Things are slowly getting back to normal. Just wanted to update real quick. Anand and Aunt are recovering well. Swathi and Baby are doing fine. Thanks for everyone who has been with us all these days. I will start blogging again.. Soon.

A new day has come.

A new day has come. Another reason to Live, Love Life. May be its all a big plan of the man up there. We welcome a baby girl into our family. Aswath (my brother) and Swathi are happy parents of this 2.3 kg baby girl born at 9:19 IST today (Jan 17). The Grand Father, and the (injured) Grand Mother are elated. Having lost their only daughter, they see her in the new born. This new year started well wiping out a large portion of grief that was looming on the family all last year. We have only the god to praise. Update: added photo more photos will follow.