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My new site.. Just on its feet

Look ma.. New site.. My yesterday's post was only the beginning of my "chasing" the development of Actually, by the time you see this post, it might very well be

My Grand weekend plan, went very well. I was able to finally re-do my site 3.0 template for The new logo, The template design, even the FAVicon - all these happened in the last two days. What is more exciting is I have moved from my PHP host to Google App Engine. The plan to keep the 2.0 version till it expires this June, and then it is all FREE GAE hosting, Google Mail hosting (which I joyfully migrated to, 4 months back).

Moving to 2.0 had a few considerations at that time
Minimal Template (no images)
Introduce DB features
Introduce Ajax
Hosted Gallery

But that was in 2006.The newer release is a complete re-write
GAE hosted, with Python and Rapid development
CSS Template, web 2.0 Images
Redisigned Blog, with its own sub domain
more to come..

In this process I lost out on Ubuntu ugrade.. That is going to wait.. for another week. Till then its GAE all the week.

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