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Happy Ugadi - TLCA report.

తెలుగు ప్రజానీకానికి నా హ్రుదయపూర్వక సర్వధారి నామ సంవత్సర శుభాకాంక్షలు
I wish you all a Happy Ugadi. I could not blog this weeked, for I was catching up with my life. Its been a while I have had a celebrated weekend. I went to Jalsa on saturday. So, technically, the euphoria carried on to sunday. And Sunday was even bigger for me. I was at TLCA Ugadi Celebrations and in the Jalsa mood, when DSP threw a challenge to come on the stage, I dint think even for a second. Its was great - to stand among DSP, Tarun and Karthik and my favorites Charmi and Sunita. I was man enough to speak to Charmi, but I was shy(or nervous?) to talk to Sunita. Sunita is a very sweet lady as much as her voice. I still despise myself for not being able to talk to her. All I said to her (Hello Andi) was in my mind the whole night.

The highlights of the night were Karthik's "Oka maaru" song and Sunita's Acoustic version of "Andanga lena..". But what stole the show, was DSPs jaljaljaljal Jalsa!!

DSP, if you are reading, thank you for the evening

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