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RANT: Wellfargo. Together, we are not going anywhere.

To Customer Service,
Wells Fargo.

I am at utter dismay with a call I had got off from your customer service.

When we first got our purchase at Bobs financed, we were in it ONLY to build credit history for my wife. As a savvy customer at major banks and financial institutions, I believed this should be easy. 0% apr - monthly online payments and why not, after all, its financed by Wells Fargo  a name I trusted at that time. We were asked to register at your old website was We were disappointed to see that there was no paperless option, and no account summary details there. The site only serviced online payments. I wanted to make payments from my bank. Naturally I called to ask for online payments time period when I am supposed to pay. I  was told to make payments of a minimum of ~$67. So I decided to make $99 to ensure I am NEVER underpaying.

All was well until around Aug or Sept  2012. When the statement was ending earlier or later because of weekend. Unaware of this I kept paying my bills $99 a month. When we finally noticed a late fee levied in November for $25.. We called. My wife was 7 months pregnant at that time, and I was OVERSEAS. Because we were building history we wanted to make sure this was not going to become an issue.  So our call finished and we were promised a waiver. Right after we saw another late fee levied this time $35 and the first - not waived yet. So I called in again - December 28th. I spoke to a friendly rep who I had to go through the whole issue - She listened. Got back to me and waived the first $25 and told me that $35 can be waived only by a supervisor and no one is available as I called too late and it was holidays. So she asked me to call after the new years. (during this time, She spoke to my wife and got her authorization to add me to talk on her behalf)

So I call today,  I reached a rep (Brian)  again in closing hours (after trying to reach repeatedly and being held on hold for long time). I explained the issue - Right off the bat, he had no empathy with us. He wanted to speak to my wife - I figured it was for authorization again. He was insistent that he spoke to my wife and cannot waive fees or even give balance due to me. I told him her condition and she is having a hard time explaining the whole thing over. After a valiant attempt to make him understand what had transpired over the last few months, I took over and asked for final balance to pay off the credit. he pops in a new website for Wells Fargo here it could be self serviced. UNTIL THIS TIME, I WAS NEVER TOLD, THIS COULD BE DONE IN THE NEW WEBSITE and that the migration happened on DECEMBER 14 2012 ( the ONLY good that came out of this call). I made a point to tell him what an awful job he has done, in the following

1. first not showing empathy. especially to a 9 month pregnant lady.
2. an irresponsible handling of the call, not understanding what the customer has to say
3. not honoring the previous representative's word.

I want you to know this is NOT ABOUT $35. but about a reputation of an institution destroyed. I HAVE PAYED OFF the final balance right away from my bank. I am taking time to vent out, because I CAN't let this ride on me. Some one has to know. Track him if you can (call from my phone # initiated around 6:30PM EST approximately 35 mins long inc wait time) - at the very least teach him not to bother pregnant women.

Together, my wife and I are a young and reputable customers (first time in Wells Fargo, but quite seasoned elsewhere) to make financial purchases and decisions big and small. We sure know now, where NOT TO GO.

Update: The site's customer service message tool is just that, a tool. It wont take more than 2000 chars. It appears to be that the message is "don't express yourself all that much, We don't care"!

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