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Beginning with Android.

Got a new Android? This is the first place you should be looking at these tutorials.

Online Search for Market Apps:
If you are looking to search for market apps, and thinking that there no such online search tool? There may not be an official Google hosted online market replica, but gives one.

Installing Apps:
Most websites you browse on the laptop/computer, have what are QR codes (eg. shown below). These are like images that link to urls on other sites or market apps. So first you have to manually go to market place and search for "Barcode Scanner" and install an app by ZXing. From then, you can use the scanner to install various apps that can be looked up by QA Codes. This app can also get you product lookups (however there are specialised apps for that) app:
Appbrains has an app manager that can manage your apps, installing them and their updates. You create a profile online and all your installations are synced to your device. This may not be preferred by advanced users. But hey, this post is intented mainly for beginners :)

You passed  Andriod Apps 101. Time to install some essentials. Continued..

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