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My installation plan for Linux

This is note to self. All the applications I need to install after a clean install of a linux. I am trying to get to a more productive way of doing this. But atleast this will serve as a todo list

  • javasdk
  • tomcat6
  • grails
  • adobe air
  • google-gae-java
  • flickr uploader

  • Eclipse
    • web
    • git
    • andriod
    • svn
    • grails

NO ppa

  • conky - conky
  • gnome-do gnome-do-plugins gnome-do-docklets
  • ccsm - compizconfig-settings-manager
  • Keepass - keepassx

  • google-chrome
  • Dropbox - nautilus-dropbox
  • shutter
  • opera

sudo apt-get install conky compizconfig-settings-manager keepassx gnome-do gnome-do-plugins gnome-do-docklets subversion git-core

sudo apt-get install google-chrome nautilus-dropbox shutter opera

Update: For a Server
sudo apt-get install gadmin-tools

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