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Days after Nov 26 2008

I wish this long weekend never happened in time. No less than 200 people were reported killed in terror attacks in Mumbai, India. I was driving to new york when I first heard about the reports on NPR at around 3 in the after noon. The death toll reported was ~50. For a year like 2008, in which there had been blasts almost every fortnight, this initially did not come to strike me as hard as it did with every 10 minutes of passing time. The number slowly jumped to 70s and then to 100 by the time I lost NPR signal on my car.

By the end of the evening, I reached New Jersey, stayed over at my uncles place. From then, till late night, I was glued to Indian news channels on TV. NDTV and IBN live on the internet. Words cant explain the state of mind watching those gory initial pictures and videos of the happenings. State of dismay, panic and confusion reined through out the night. All the while, There was only one question. What in the world is a Country doing when handful terrorists have been doing so much so fast?

Every one likes to point fingers. TV channels on Govt. Govt on Pakistan. WHERE is Accountability? TV channels have a lot easier job to stand on the ring and comment. They have emotional voice over guys just in time to describe the even as they happen. They even go as far as showing NSG operations LIVE! One Channel has been quick enough to get animations and background sound to get viewers *into it*. NO discretion what so ever.

Govt. The less I talk the better. They gave the worst answer to this frenzy situation. Dumb stuck, Clue less and USELESS.

Last but not the least, The Intelligence. These people's JOB is to get to this situations in timely manner. To be prepared for counter attacks. To negotiate. TO get the crooks to negotiate. To be prepared with Contingency. A, B and C. To protect as many people as they can. To catch the evidence live if possible. NOTHING. With all due respect to all the policemen who were fighting and Sincere devotion to those who laid down thier lives in the line of duty, The heads, chiefs and stragergiest, You FAILED. The Administration You FAILED. The Elected Governments at State and Center you FAILED.

217, as of now. Only 10 inhumans to do it all. FARMERS in US can take them down in no time (some commenter in another board). The so called PRASASAN, Shame on you for not having the mettle. Shame on you for being lethargic. Shame on you for not understanding the gravity of the situation. There is only one thing that separates you and the terrorists themselves - MOTIVE. You are as much responsible, until you pay back.

May Peace Prevail.

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